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Why I am Here?

I am among those who always wanted to live their dreams on their own. I was always keen to learn new things, whenever I got a chance to learn something I grabbed that opportunity, and then transfer to others. However, until now my journey has not yet been on track, but I hope now I have found what I wanted, my personal brand; imdaya, from which I can leave an impact on people’s lives through my experience and learning. It was my own identification on the Internet Globe. I was always good at brainstorming and processing ideas.

I am a Blogger, Freelancer, Affiliate Marketer, Author, Content Writer, and Future Data Analyst. I live in Pakistan; which is my pride. I am ambitious to learn new knowledge every day, after knowing that “Data” is going to be the Future Major Demand -for all industries, I got interested in this field. I am a quick learner and adapt to new environments of knowledge very quickly, that’s my strength. No matter how hard the project is but I take my time and complete it efficiently and effectively.

I have become an Entrepreneur now because I have my personal brand, but I haven’t always been one. I was always struggling to get it. Here’s a quick little background on how I came up with the idea to launch a Personal Brand; imdaya, as well as how I’m focusing all of my enthusiasm and energy towards my aim of inspiring millions of others.


However, it was a long, not an easy road to get where I am today.

I was born on the 5th, January 1991, in a middle-class family of Meghwar Caste, Which is, in Pakistan and in India considered as Schedule Caste.

My Parents were in that village Rasheed Farm for more than 20yrs. And in fact, prior to that, they were living in the village Gul Bughio, which is also known as Old Village by the neighboring villagers and also of the same village. My Parents were farmers by profession. In fact, no one was in a job or business from my Grandfather’s Family. At the age of 8-12 years, I mostly used to live at my Maternal Uncle, Basar Mal’s home in a village Jamali Mor, Tando Allahyar.

I got my primary education from Government Primary School Rasheed Farm, which is now abandoned due to its ruined condition. From childhood, I was a sharp and brilliant student, as discovered by my Primary Teachers and elders of early days.

One day as I can recall from my Primary Education, in the summer vacations, I was enjoying at village Jamali Mor, My uncle (mama) Basar Mal home, I came to know that vacations are over and I now have to go to my village to continue study. I had not completed my Vacation homework, so I refused to go to school. Even I said, “I don’t want to study anymore.” But somehow my father, Mr. Sonoo Mal was a man known for his anger also, among my uncles, came to take me home.

On the first day after summer vacations, my cousin brothers Harish and Rajesh Kumar were ready to go to school but I was making alibies not to go to school. How can I go? I haven’t completed my homework in the entire two months of vacation.

The Day I Committed to be a good student!

It was about 9 am to 10 am and some schoolboys came to my home to drag me to school, as they were said to do so. And they got success. As they entered into the school balcony, dragging me all three or four, Sir Allah Dino Kunbhar was standing and he was very anguish. On that day Teacher slapped me as hard as he can, because as Teacher asked me; “Do I have completed the Vacation Homework?” I said; “no, I don’t want to study further”. Then what, He started beating me like I have committed a sin by these words. But that was the only punishment I received. From that day I became an obedient student and worked hard as I can. There was another teacher, Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Laghari who was mostly taught to class 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Sir Allah Dino was in charge of the school and mostly conducted the classes of 4th and 5th, respectively.

Every Independence Day school organizes a program at village school Haji Umar Bughio School. I mostly avoid taking part in the activities, because I was the only class activity person. My classmate Mr. Doongar Mal always took part in such programs. He was very active in these things. But I and my cousin Rajesh, who was my class fellow. My elder cousin Harish was one class senior to both of us. I, Rajesh, and Doongar were in a single group. My cousin was always sharp-minded and he was genius in reminding facts and figures, like date of birth, date of events, and also in the calculation, he was more perfect than anyone in the class. He was always first in the class examinations, Doongar was second and I was third.

Life was getting real. Almost too real and too tough to understand.

In 2001, I completed my primary education and went to Muhammad Sadique Memon High School for higher education. It was a famous institute near us and was known for its quality education.

Every day after school, I was used to feeding the cattle in the field with my uncle Mr. Mohan Lal, Mr. Dileep Kumar, and Cousin Harish & Rajesh Kumar. It was my part-time job after school. Later, in 2010, my father’s Uncle (Mama) Mr. Diyaram came to our village. He has more goats than us. I joined him with my goats and every day went with him to the field. From Morning to evening on holidays and on school days after 2 pm.

I was not as sharp as my cousin Rajesh, but I was ahead of most of the classmates in the class. Mr. Kailash, the son of my Great Teacher Sir Naval Rai was brilliant and his handwriting was too good to praise. Sir Naval Rai was very kind and loving to children. He was in charge of the Transport of the School at that time.

I was very lucky that I was a student of some of the greatest teachers of that time. Sir Naval Rai was my Idol because he was the only man who could speak English and was very energetic among all the other staff of the school. Later, few Hyderabad Teachers came and they reformed me and my way of looking at things. Among them, Sir Kamran was our Physics Teacher, Sir Rafique English teacher, Sir Nasir Baig Chemistry Teacher, and Sir Zahid Nazeer was our Biology Teacher. After Sir Naval Rai, all these were my iconic personifies. Because they were Urdu speakers and where came from the University of Sindh. They used some English words in their lectures which were highly inspiring to me because I loved English a lot. Of course today, too.

In school, I was intelligent and hard-working but also was very stubborn and aggressive. I can remember one occasion when some boys of the school planned to fight with Harish Bhai. Our group was pigeon-hearted but this time showed great bravery and dominated the other side. We were not cowards but were education-oriented only. Our focus was to only study as our generations did.

The way Hyderabadi Teachers delivered the lectures and made it easy to understand inspired me a lot and as I was among the brilliant students so they liked me too. In Matric Class, when our result was declared I was in a “B” Grade and my cousin was again topper of the class with an “A” grade.

History Created as it was my Time!

First time in the English Language I gave a presentation on the Microscope during the Lab Class of Biology. It was an amazing experience. Sir Zahid Nazeer was my mentor in that Class. In intermediate results in 2008, I won the battle of that 2nd and 3rd position and became the only student in the history of Sadique Foundation to earn an “A” Grade in Intermediate. It was like a big achievement and my classmate, teachers and parents were really happy that day. My Teacher Sir Naval Rai applauded me a lot with other teachers.

Two years of my life were very much struggling -2008-09, as I was unable to get admission to any University due to my poor financial conditions. As earlier discussed my father was a farmer and couldn’t arrange fees for entry test and may not be able to afford later expenses on education. Sir Naval Rai tried to solve this problem of finance and he came to our landlord Mr. Ghulam Mustafa who was not handling land and agriculture matters as being a landlord but he was a landlord. Sir Naval Rai told him about me and my cousin Rajesh Kumar that how brilliant students we are and we need financial support through University Education. Especially my circumstances were very poor in terms of finance. My Uncle Uday was the Manager of Ghulam Mustafa’s Petrol pump so he could afford the expenses somehow but not my father. On that day I was very happy to see the struggle of a teacher to make his students succeed. Mr. Ghulam Mustafa assured him he will help us in the matter of finance but later at the time of Entry Test Form Fees of just 900 Rupees in 2009 he turned his back and said to my uncle; “do it this time yourself”. On that day when my uncle broke this news to my family, my father said he will not support you in the future so don’t think about the university to go to learn the technical skills. And finally, the hope to get admission to the University was flashed out and I missed another year at the village and working on daily wages, different types of agriculture field tasks, 2009 and 2010 respectively. I was taking first positions in the field works in the agriculture lands those days.

My father met Mr. Toto, he was a motorcycle mechanic and asked him to keep me as his student in his shop. The next day I start going with him and learning how to repair a motorcycle. Later I stayed at my Uncle (Mama) Mr. Basar Mal’s home at Kakepota Stop.

Not Interested!

I was really not interested in such technical work of repairing motorbikes. I was a brilliant and hard-working student and dedicated to study and make my future bright. I didn’t want to work on such things which keeps me away from books. It was overwhelming but have to stay there because of my father’s will. One day, my teacher Sir Hussain Arisar came to the mechanic shop to repair his bike. He saw me asked me; “Are you brother of Dayanand?” I replied; “yes”. But my new teacher, Mr. Toto told him that he is not a brother, he is the Dayanand. On that Sir Hussain replied; “No. He can’t be Dayanand. He was not for such messy works. He was a brilliant student. He must be studying in the university and making his dreams into reality.” I was listening to the whole chat. I got emotional and thought for a moment, from tomorrow I am going to earn and get entry into university and get great recognition, as my teachers are expecting from me. In the later summer when wheat is sown, I worked on daily wages on a filter plant that filtered the wheat seed, at Muhammad Umar’s farm. I prepared myself for the entry test and earned money for it during those days. I was working hard on filter machines and during the lunch break and in the dinner break I studied my notes which I made for reading there.

The day I graduated…

To be continued…..