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One of the most important digital marketing skills is SEO. It is one of the challenges most new online entrepreneurs need to master, yet some say it takes the longest to get over it.

Whether you want to start your blog, an e-commerce brand, or any other online business/company, you need traffic for your website. And to get traffic; organic traffic, you must rank on the internet; Google, for specific keywords you think people gonna be searching.

Therefore, using one of the finest SEO tools is essential to get success, whether you need to do keyword research, keyword topic idea, audit website, conduct research of your competitors, or simply want to check how well you are doing and rank on Google.

In this post, I have conducted thorough and in-depth research on Best SEO Tools, which help you efficiently. I have ranked and reviewed those tools like Ubbersuggest, Ahrefs, SEMruch, and MOZ, etc. so that you can get more traffic by writing the best content and running your blog with perfect research and complete knowledge. In this way, you will be able to Master the Game of SEO and raise your standard.

Let’s get to the list without wasting any time.

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Ahrefs
  3. SEMrush
  4. Moz

1.     Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is the All-In-One Tool That Makes SEO Easy, run by Neil Patel. It is a simple, easy, and effective SEO tool that is made for digital marketers and bloggers. Ubersuggest is very affordable with its current offer of lifetime offer in just $120, I bet you haven’t heard such cheapest offer before. The cool thing about this tool is its lifetime plan and also very easy to operate. I haven’t found in the SEO Market so cheap tool.

Key Features:

•           Keyword Analyzer: You can search for any keyword you wish to overview. It also provides you keywords ideas, keyword lists, and content ideas; all you can export to your device within minutes.

•           Competitive Analysis: With this feature, you can get a detailed traffic overview of your competitive websites. Keyword traffic shows you which of the keyword performs on your competitors’ websites. Also page by page traffic of your competitive site. Ranked by top pages which are being searched on the internet.

•           SEO Explorer: SEO Analyzer, backlinks, and Backlink opportunities are for site audit which tells you about, SEO issues, if any, with details and also how to fix those issues.


Monthly Subscription
Life Time Subscription Price


  • It is easy to be accessed over the internet.
  • Available in free and also paid.
  • Its Lifetime access cost is very affordable.
  • Provides you a whole bunch of keyword ideas; new.
  • Provides you fast results with your research.
  • Hunt for issues with your website, also offer you the solution.
  • It comes with a bunch of other different languages.


  • To be honest, all looks perfect with Ubersuggest, except, its crawler speed during “Page Audit” which takes around 10 minutes, and sometimes it takes longer.

2.     Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of my favorites SEO Tools available in the market. It has really helped me a lot to master the SEO game up to now. It has the best user interface available in the tools which need for SEO.

Backlink audits, competitive analysis, URL rankings, keyword research, and more are all popular and primary uses. Ahrefs, like SEMrush, provides organic search reports to evaluate your competitors’ traffic within minutes.

The collected data by users is subsequently used for link building, keyword research, SEO tactics, rank tracking, and content marketing.

Every day, I go through the Ahrefs tool and check for fresh backlinks, search positions for my keywords, and competition information that helps me to make my articles than my competitors.

Its keyword explorer tool is really just awesome, I like it the most. It shows keyword difficulty as well as similar keywords that “also rank” for target phrases on the same page.


Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO Tool, like Ubersuggest. Its key features are:

  • Site Audit: With the Site Audit feature of Ahrefs, you can see under the hood of your website’s on-page SEO performance.

It optimizes your website. It crawls all the pages which it can find on your site, then provide health report, visualize key data in charts and graphs, flags all possible SEO issues of your website which you want to audit, and provides you solutions to fix those issues found on your site.

Site Audit automatically finds the issue related to performance, HTML Tags, social tags, content quality, localization, incoming links, outgoing links, resources, and external pages. And more.

  • Site Explorer: You can analyze your competitors. Any website or URL’s organic search traffic and backlink profile may be examined in detail with the help of the Site Explorer feature of Ahrefs.
    • Organic traffic research-You can see what the keywords of your competitors rank it and what pages bring the more organic traffic. It will show you the organic traffic of competitors.
    • Backlink checker- You can find out which websites link to your competitors’ websites and evaluate their backlink profiles in the exploration of the site.
    • Paid traffic research- You can find out whether your competitors are using paid search ads and where their paid traffic flows in the funnel.
  • Keyword Explorer: It allows you to find the right keyword for your article. You can learn from your industry’s top-performing content with the help of keyword explorer too which is enriched for high ranking and the right keyword for you.

In keyword explorer you can filter your keyword research result into twelve different filters to get more specific and accurate data:

  • Published once/ Republished
  • Referring domains
  • Published / First published date
  • Organic traffic
  • Live / Broken
  • Number of words
  • Language
  • Traffic value
  • Social shares
  • Site
  • Domain 
  • Rating
  • Author
  • Rank Tracker: With this, you can Track your ranks over time and compare your results to those of your competition have. You can receive scheduled research reports directly in your email box. Keep tracking your progress and start growing


7-Days trial is the best opportunity to test its performance and results on your own. If found helpful you can go for further payment process otherwise you can stop your subscriptions anytime.

On an annual subscription, you get 2 months of free access which is really amazing opportunity, which saves $198/year in just a Lite Package, by decreasing $99/month to $82/month.


  • Accelerates Link building and improves outreach processes.
  • To know the URL rating
  • Allows you to do an in-depth competitor researches with the highest quality.
  • To obtain historical backlink data analysis
  • Enables you to discover new opportunities to make your website better in the competition and insert links, and deliver content materials around the web.
  • To get a clear backlinks analysis report to devise a content marketing plan
  • A fantastic tool for keeping track of mentions by setting up notifications for each time one of my companies is mentioned on the internet.
  • Two month free on annual subscription on any subscription.


  • It price. I think its bit costly if compared to all other SEO Tools which mostly provides you the similar supports in mastering the game of SEO.


3.     SEMrush

SEMrush is a popular competitor analysis tool that allows evaluating your and your competitors’ content, in one place.  It offers detailed analytics and helps you to find the best-performing pages, content, and keywords in your research.

SEMrush has been instrumental in supporting many website owners and eCommerce entrepreneurs in understanding their competitors’ SEO tactics so that they can be better every day with their quality work. As a result, it’s been considered one of the most often used SEO tools among small and medium-sized businesses.

The SEO tool may assist with SEO, PPC, ad campaigns, backlinks, keyword research, SERP, and more that can help you to master the SEO game; in a very short and simple way of keyword research and other metrics which can make you a better player in the Website Traffic Game.


  • Competitive Research- Like many other SEO tools, SEMrush also offers you to conduct in-depth; thorough research of your competitors. You can analyze any website’s traffic, reveal top-performing pages, and make yourself better from them to master the SEO game. Get traffic analytics and find organic keywords. You can also be able to see keyword and backlink gaps between your competitors and also yours that can help you to make improvements.
  • Keyword Research- Keyword overview lets you know the monthly organic research and its difficulty to rank. I would always like to pick the right keyword for my articles to rank myself on the first page and I know you would too.
  • Link Building- Backlink analytics enables you to track backlinks from your website and also your competitor’s website.  
    • Site Audit crawls your website and identify health issues, error, and warnings; and offers the solution. It locates internal and external links issues and also measures crawlability and site performance of your site.
    • SEO Content Template helps you to create SEO-friendly content. You simply put a keyword and it will recommend you semantically related keywords which perform well on the top of SEO ranking which base on Google’s top 10 rivals.
  • Organic Research– Organic Research tool allows customers to check which keywords their competitors are using and compare domain changes.
  • Advertising Research- Analyzing the ad spending of competitors might help you execute stronger ad campaigns for their business. Your ad campaigns can also be localized and make an impact.


In Pro and Guru plans, SEMrush allows you a 7-day free trial before your subscription starts, while Business plans don’t. You can save up to 17% if you wish to pay on annual basis.


  • Analyzing competitors’ strategies 
  • Tracking past and current website rankings 
  • Conducting technical SEO audits and gauging user experience 
  • Finding good CPC advertising opportunities 
  • Conducting thorough keyword research to help your content rank higher
  • When it comes to PPC, it highlights the importance of keyword research which is key to the SEO Game.
  • External and internal links, as well as backlinks to your site.


  • Bit difficult for newbies
  • You have to pay a hefty price for more advanced features to Master the SEO game.

1.     Moz

Without a question, Moz is one of the greatest SEO tools available in the market. There’s not much Moz can’t do, from website audits to rank tracking, backlink analysis to keyword research, all you can do with Moz SEO Tool. It gives you industry-standard data as well as different page optimization recommendations that you must require to win the SEO game.

Install MozPro for additional capabilities and the MozBar browser extension for SEO analysis, Moz scores, and Google SERP information right in your browser, whatever you are using.


  • Rank Tracking- Thousands of traffic-driving keywords are tracked to see how they rank organically on the site.
  • Keyword Analysis- With competition research and SERP analysis, it may help you identify new keywords to rank higher.
  • Backlink Analysis- Provides indicators such as Domain Authority and aids in the development of extra backlinks.
  • Site Audits- Crawls your whole website for any problems or mistakes and helps you to improve.


Moz offers four different packages for its users. On an annual subscription, there is a 20% discount.


  • Boost website Traffic.
  • Helps you to rank higher
  • Keyword Research and on-page SEO facilities.
  • Link profile analysis.
  • Suggest Keyword
  • Measures online presence.
  • Uncover content and link building opportunities


  • Lacks Database and metrics in other countries except US.