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When someone stuck you in the middle of the traffic, and you need to report on-time meeting, have you ever found such a situation? Then, of course, you had become irritated. When your child refuses to cooperate and makes an alibi not to go to school or during mealtime, it often makes problems; does your blood pressure rise? Around me, I have got a close observation of people who do so every day –almost every time. So why don’t you tame your temper?

Anger is a natural (–lot of try to express themselves more than that) and even beneficial emotion, but it’s critical to manage it positively. Not managing your anger well, can harm you with mental and physical health; and also social and spiritual relationships. Even it can cause deaths.

Are you ready to master your rage –devastating anger? Consider these 10 anger control suggestions –Tips to tame the temper, to get started.


1.  Get Some Physical Activity

Physical activity has enormous benefits. Not only to your physical muscles but can help to power your mental muscles with stress management, which can contribute to anger. But not to worry. You know the secret benefit of exercise now, it’s managing the anger with Physical activity. 

In any tough situation or after a harsh talk, if you feel your temper is rising, go for a short walk or run, or spend some time doing warm-up or gym exercise. Swimming can also help you to stay in control.

2.  Tame Your Talk

Talking without thinking is obviously foolish. Not for a longer period, it can also become even more dangerous when you are in a conversation.

Saying before thinking about, and then finding excuses is easy. Allow everyone engaged in the incident to do the same. Take a moment to cope with your thoughts before saying a single word.

3.  Express Your Anger Once You’re Calm

Express your dissatisfaction in an authoritative –assertive, yet non-confrontational manner as soon as you’re thinking clearly. Without harming people or attempting to manipulate them, express your worries and wants plainly and frankly.

4.  Take a Break.

Allow yourself to take brief pauses throughout stressful moments of the day. A few seconds of solitude may help you feel more prepared to handle whatever comes your way without feeling annoyed or agitated.

5.  Identify Possible Solutions

Rather than focusing on the problem and playing clips of the situation in your mind, focus on how to fix the problem. Close the door behind you. Is your boyfriend always late for dinner? Have your junior argued with you?

Plan your meals for later in the evening — or agree to dine alone a couple of times each week. Remind yourself that an aggressive attitude towards everything is not the only solution. Find a way to deal with the situation.

6.  Use “I” Expressions Wherever Possible.

Use “I” phrases to express the situation instead of criticizing or blaming, which will just add to the stress. Respectful and specific communication is essential. Instead of directly saying, “you can’t do anything right,” say, “I can help you do some specific tasks which you feel difficult to do.” Don’t hold a grudge

Forgiveness is an extremely effective weapon. Bearing grudges can harm your health. Allowing anger to keep grudges to overpower happy emotions might lead to you being swept up by your own bitterness or sense of unfairness.

If you can forgive someone who has wronged you, though, you may be able to learn from the situation while also improving your connection.


7.  Laughter Medicine.

Relaxation might be aided by lightening up. Use humor to cope with whatever is bothering you, as well as any unrealistic expectations you may have about how things should proceed. Sarcasm, on the other hand, should be avoided since it may harm feelings and exacerbate the situation.

8.  Practice Your Relaxing Techniques.

Breathe is with us since the day we were born. But unfortunately, in the rat race, we have almost forgotten it. Take a deep breath and say in your mind or with murmuring, “Take it easy; all is well.” It can help you to relax your temper. You may also relax by listening to music, writing in a diary, or doing a few yoga positions – whatever it takes.

9.  Know when to Seek Assistance.

Seek help if you’re having trouble controlling your rage.

If your anger is out of control, causing you to do things you later regret or causing harm to people around you, seek help. Taking mental therapy is not a bad idea.

10. Start Countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

This is a personally experienced trick that is really helpful in every situation where I fall in the rage.

I just start counting backward from 5 to 1 at a second pause, and it cools me down. I’ve got a clear goal in my mind that whenever someone or something makes me irritated, I’ll control myself within 5 seconds. This 5second idea came into my mind when I read the book “5-Second Rule” by Mel Robbins.

I use this technique at many situations, like when I feel myself getting out of control on the road of discipline and falling into procrastination, I count 5 to 1 and get up to the task that I have planned to do.

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Final Thought!

These all are well-proven tips to control anger. Each one can aid you to tame your temper. All can be applied. If not, any single can improve your temper controlling attitude. Overall, these are tips are enough to get a cool and calm character.


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