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I know you have probably browsed YouTube many times since you are using a smartphone or the internet. And no one goes deeper into YouTube’s hidden secrets because people just wander in the thumbnails shown on the first page from their browsing history.

There is too much to learn in everyday technology as we all know that how evolution has brought speed in the innovation in the Tech Industry.

YouTube also brings some changes to its functionality to make it more interesting and lovable day by day. And this is the basic need to be done in this competitive world where the new day brings another new competitor whether small or big, but may effect on the reputation of the earlier.

1.         YouTube Apps at one place

In the top menu of YouTube, it is added an amazing feature that brings all its apps in one place. From this navigation tab you can open anyone from the five major apps;

1. YouTube TV 2. YouTube Music 3. YouTube Kids 4. Creator Academy, and 5. YouTube for Artist.

 All you’ve to go to the six dots on the right corner of your mobile screen, while the YouTube app is opened, and click there. Here comes all major apps. Now find in which app you want to dive in for more entertainment and more information.

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2.         Swipe up and down Screen Rotating

In some smartphones auto-rotate or rotate screen option is not present. For such devices, the swipe up and down feature perfectly fits well to rotate screen landscape and portrait. Just use finger gestures to make this work on your mobile.

3.         Bed time Reminder feature

Now, this fits perfectly for your health. Over usage and over-consumption will always cause huge damage. It help you to limit your time up to bedtime, (Whatever you set) especially time to sleep at night is highly recommended, it will help to you automatically close the application and sleep with you.

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4.         Video Shorts

This is a big face slap on YouTube rivals, which were just trying to be a competitor in Video making ideas. TikTok, SnackVideos, and other such short video applications were getting trouble to the market capture of YouTube.

Therefore YouTube launched YouTube Shorts and beat the kind of apps. Subscribe option in the Shorts gives huge benefit the channels to grow more, as they did not just get more views but also views on their other videos on the channel and get worthy subscribers too.

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5.         Chapter Markers

You know what cool thing with this feature, is the viewer can go to a specific part of the video. If the video is about complete training on a specific topic and multiple fragments which discussed multiple things, but the viewer wants to watch on a specific point, now no need for random scrolling on the timeline. Simple hover over the timeline of the video and find a chapter that attracts you more or what you want to watch.

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6.         Picture-in-picture Feature

While watching a YouTube video, you may get in mind to send a text message to someone or go to setting, maybe for notification off of some apps, that’s where this picture-in-picture option comes into play.

This feature shrinks the video and drags it away from the full screen where you can move around with your finger along with the screen where ever you want to see it. Meanwhile, you can do what brought you there.

Unfortunately, this amazing feature is not available for all YouTube users, it is only for YouTube Premium Members, and it is also, already, available for Android Oreo users but with a premium membership.

The Picture-in-Picture option will be available until October 31st, this year. While YouTube hasn’t specified what will happen next, it’s conceivable that, as it promised in June, it will make this feature available to everyone who isn’t a Premium user.

The picture-in-Picture (PiP) option is now available on YouTube for all iOS users. The picture-in-Picture (PiP) option is now available on YouTube for all iOS users.

Originally, it was only available to users in the United States. iPhone users may now utilize this mode to watch YouTube videos while using other applications on their devices.

To try it out, go to Youtube.com/new site, scroll down, and hit the “Try it out” button under the “Picture-in-Picture on iOS” section. IF you are using YouTube without signing in to your YouTube Premium Account, the “Try it out” button will not visible.

To access this feature you must have to log in to your Premium YouTube Account. All you have to do now is open the YouTube app, view any video, then swipe to return home after you’ve signed up for testing.

The video should keep playing in the little window at the bottom of the screen that you can see. To move the mini-player around, drag it. You may also pinch the YouTube mini-player with two fingers to make it bigger.

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7.         Caption (CC) Feature

You may switch on the subtitles in a video if you’re at a silent place like a library or at work or at the hospital or somewhere you can’t be able to use the sound of the mobile phone to listen and understand the video and don’t have headphones, or if you’re having problems understanding what others are saying.

It’s very easy to enable and get active by just clicking the CC icon on the main screen to understand the video through the text that appears on the screen.

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8.         YouTube TV mode Feature

When you’re watching a movie or video on YouTube, you can use YouTube TV mode to get a larger viewing screen without having to convert to full-screen mode. It’s especially handy if you’re watching YouTube videos on your smart TV.

Enter your Google username and password at www.youtube.com/tv. You’ll need to enter an onscreen code to confirm your login details. For the greatest viewing experience, the video you choose should automatically be in HD.

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9.         GIF Creating

It’s easy to generate a fantastic GIF that will go viral from any YouTube video you like.

  1. Simply add “GIF” at the start of “YouTube” in the URL of the video you want to create GIF from. Say, this video; “Dogs Take Over The Water Park,” which has the URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ubK26IbZA8. Just put “GIF” to the URL like this — https://www.GIFyoutube.com/watch?v=9ubK26IbZA8 – and then it’ll change URL format: https://gifs.com/watch?v=9ubK26IbZA8.
  2. This will take you to www.gifs.com, where you have to select the start and end times of the clip from your video that you were watching and you want to create it into a GIF.
  3. You can trim the part of the video which you want to convert into gif
  4. You can choose various editing options, like adding caption, image and stickers. Cropping, Blurring, hue and invert options, and also flipping the clip and gif.
  5. Select Create GIF from the Top Right Corner of the screen, then insert Gif Information, choose who can see it and add catchy title and tags to it.
  6. Then click Next and share on social media after copying the link of the GIF. If you want to download the GIF you can do that easily.
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10.       Starting a video at a specific Time

This is also a cool feature that you may not know. It is like this, suppose you are watching a video that is>60-minute-long and discovers something which doesn’t let you stop sharing that part. And you want to share that particular part of the video and usually, tell them to fast-forward to 16 minutes and 32 seconds.

This is an awesome YouTube feature. This is because you may not know how to send a link that starts at a particular time. But don’t worry. Send them the link that starts right from what you want to show.

All you need to do is just add &t=16m32s to the end of the video URL (which is the time stamp change of that video). Now your friends will watch it from 00:16:32s.

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11.       YouTube Fast-Forward Keyboard shortcuts Keys

Do you know there is a shortcut key to move forward and backward any video using a desktop? If not then might just using mouse arrow or arrow keys on the keyboard.

Don’t worry, you can use J and L keys to rewind or fast-forward for 10 seconds. Or if you’re using a smartphone, then just double-tap the screen to the right for fast-forward and at the left for backward.

Swiping left and right on the main screen will change the video to next or previous.

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