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A new beta version of WhatsApp for Android brings a slew of new features. It comes after a busy few months for the messaging app, which has pushed out a number of platform updates, the most recent of which saw significant enhancements to the platform’s handling of in-app audio communications, allowing users to pause and restart voice chats as needed. 3 COOL FEATURES JUST ADDED in just the last seven days.

We’ve sifted through the beta update’s finer points and culled out our three favorites to save you the trouble of looking for them yourself.

Here’s a list of them:


The messaging app looks to be onto something with its newly-designed control panel, which was first discovered by the WhatsApp specialists at WABetaInfo. When sharing a Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram link with a friend on WhatsApp, users do receive the option to see the link in a picture-in-picture mode.

However, this new feature presents a revamped approach to this function, as well as the ability to expand it to additional content types.

WhatsApp has unveiled a new design for its picture-in-picture functionality within conversations, which includes a new control bar. The control bar gives consumers a lot more power over how they consume material from their in-app discussions.

Users may simply pause, continue, and switch between different video formats.

The control panel was previously only accessible for YouTube videos, but WhatsApp is definitely seeking to expand it to other sources of supported video.

Source: WABetainfo.com

The “New Control Bar” was included in WhatsApp beta for Android update.


WhatsApp is all set to roll out a new status update feature, on top of the app’s recent visual changes. The new tool will allow users to “undo” status changes they accidentally made, adding to a growing list of adjustments to status updates.

This is handy if you accidentally type anything incorrectly while entering a status or need to alter something later.

Users can instantly erase a status update that was erroneously made using the “undo” option. Though users may erase a status update using the standard WhatsApp configuration, the new undo status update option offers a faster and more comfortable way to do so when time is of the essence.

Source: WABetainfo.com

The “Undo Status Feature” was included in WhatsApp beta for Android update.


Finally, WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp feature tracker, is adding a new feature that will allow users to check status updates for business accounts by clicking on the profile image on the ‘business details’ tab.

This is excellent for staying up to date on what specific local businesses are up to, and it gives you real-time insights into their separate sites.

After tapping a business’s profile image, the user will be given two options: “see profile photo” and “view status,” both of which provide useful information about the individual or the firm.

The Facebook-owned chat app will keep the previous mode of seeing status updates in the status tab, but these new locally-focused changes are part of WhatsApp’s goal to expand its service to corporate customers on some of the top Android phones.

Source: WABetainfo.com

The “Business Status Feature” was included in WhatsApp beta for Android update.

These are the 3 COOL FEATURES JUST ADDED in this week; last seven day. With every update, there is something new is coming.

To check out the new features, you must be a member of the Google Play Beta Program, where you may download WhatsApp, the Name of the feature is Message rating. Everyone else will have to wait for a reliable rollout in the not-too-distant future.


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