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Inspiration comes from different things to different people. There is so much on this topic already been written by world-class leaders and life-gurus. In this world, there are many ways to stay inspired but the problems are also not far away from the track we run on. I think we need to start to – it is important that we should begin with the things that inspire us the most and keeps us on track throughout our journey.

My goal is to just take some time to know what inspires me will inspire you, definitely. It will help you to stay inspired because they are very common for every person I have ever met and found in them.

I would love to say that our God is my greatest inspiration to start my day because I know he definitely has some reasons for me to live on this planet and I’m sure I’m not making any mistake, it is to serve humanity and everything connected with it.

Today I will share with you some of the greatest sources of inspiration and then you will determine what pushes you and inspire you to do what you want to do. Consider what kinds of questions you could ask each other to learn and explore more, during going through these 5 sources. It’s time to be motivated and inspire others.

For me and for most people it comes from these five sources, and I’m sure when you will come to know these great sources you will also get inspiration from these:

  1. Deciding
  2. Planning
  3. Beginning,
  4. Progressing and
  5. Achieving.

1.   Deciding

This is the first of my inspiration and I’m sure yours too. Whenever I decide something to do, that moment, the moment I made a decision to take action ignites me, inspires me to take action.

To do something. To go somewhere. To meet someone’s old friend or relative. To read a book. To go to visit a new place for enjoyment and collection and refreshing memories.

The decision is the first thing we do before doing anything else. Decision-making takes a lot of courage. The mental courage.

2.   Planning

Planning is the second one to inspire. When I plan something to do, go or achieve, it inspires me. Because I get my mind to work on that decision.

Planning doesn’t take too much time if you do it to the point. But if you take time during planning, is more beneficent. You make your decision right by processing it into your mind first and then on the paper. And then in reality you work on how to execute your plan what you want to achieve.

3.   Beginning

Taking the first step on your decision is the most important thing because sometimes decisions take time to be planned and if somehow you plan to take action will be useless if you don’t take action to execute your plan.

It doesn’t matter how well you’ve planned, what matters, is to take action. Execution. If you begin something like me it will inspire you like me too. The beginning is Very important after making the decision and planning something to be achieved.

4.   Progressing

The fourth major source of my inspiration is “progressing.” I don’t look for perfection at the start of something or any project. Like I started journaling in 2017 but failed to make it perfect. But I was persistent in making progress.

Sometimes it felt me overwhelmed that I left it for days. But as it was not among my deep-rooted habits so I came again and checked out the journal and got inspiration from the Progress I was making since last week, last month.

Progress in terms of learning and achieving, not in terms of time. I kept progress on my record and it helped me to get perfection. Now I am inspired by the control I have over it.

5.   Achieving

Achieving something will always inspire me. Achieving a milestone is the greatest source of inspiration. It is the reward for which we get after a struggle. And it is the most fundamental source of inspiration. But the problem is in the journey of success most people overlook day-by-day achievement.

Progressing towards goals is also in achievement which can keep you inspired, like me. I every day learn something new that is an achievement and it inspires me every time. Like all the other big day achievements. Be present. You will learn definitely.

Something you decide, plan it, bring it on paper as I do. Because it helps me to draw illustrations of what I want to achieve after that decision. And that moment is enough for me to visualize how it will feel like when I will get done or achieve my dream.

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