Sometimes lack of Ideation may make us feel like “Stop Writing.” But finding new ideas regularly is easy these days. Here are 7 tips to help you broaden your mind and Raise levels of physiology, your great idea generator.


Make Brainstorming Your part of life. try to find the solution to the problem by thinking deeply about it. Brainstorming is a great technique for generating new ideas and exchanging information in order to solve a specific problem in which you will think freely.


Engage in Observation regularly, even on smaller things. Practice mindfulness every day, better is to practice in the morning because when we get up our mind is more receptive than the latter.

3. Volunteer more

Involving in the community also makes you more thoughtful and you engage in other persons’ matters more and think about them too.

4. Read More Books

Read Books regularly. Reading books always have a great effect on generating Ideas. The more you read more you get knowledge and ultimately it brings new ideas into your mind. Book have hidden treasure of new ideas more you read, more you explore those.

5. Make your mobile a library

Mobile is really a great source of getting more and more knowledge these days. Try to keep your storage busy with Pdf, news articles app -which gives you more interesting ideas, and also other good reading material.

6. Keep a Regular Journal

Whenever you find some free time, try to write ideas that just jump into your brain and fade away. The key is to just capture those jumping Ideas on the page. Ideas sometimes encounter us like a flashlight and suddenly vanish away like it, I mean to say, speed like electric current flows in the wire.

7. Meditate

Meditate regularly, even for a shorter period, and make it a habit for new Ideas to open the gate and make it a habit. Like journaling, Meditation is another kind of mental journaling where you keep rotating your mind around any specific Idea. You have to keep your mind busy on any one particular Task given to your mind to think upon it. In this way you will broaden your mind for that particular task and Ideas will flow.

Try out these tips and you will feel writing, not Quit Writing. I hope this will help you to rethink and get rid of  idea of Quit Writing.


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