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For a healthy and beautiful marriage life; love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, humility and passion to live are the ingredient to keep living with love. Love is kept alive by creating more and more new memories through with we learn and grow every day. Fresh experiences bring excitement into your life and build a stronger bond between two people.

Here are a couple of activities recommended:

1. Prioritize and Crush it

We are living in a world that is full of distractions around us, whether it is exterior or into our minds. A child wakes up with a mosquito bite or with a temperature, your boss assigned you a new presentation or urgent project to work on tight deadlines, or you have been sucked into the black hole of a cell phone buzzing. At the time, you definitely have thought come to your mind to prioritize your daily activities.

To make your love bond work, spouses must have to make things prioritize in order to not to feel overwhelmed with the passage of time. It’s always preferable to check in with them every day and offer them your undivided attention to keep your love alive and ever-growing.

2. Plan-it Together

You have to spend some wonderful time with your wonderful, loving, caring, and most beautiful to you, Partner. It may not sound romantic, but it will really help you to make your marriage bond stronger. You may or may not have kids yet but having few moments each day spent together will blossom your relationship. The time you spent together could be as simple as having breakfast or dinner together after the kids have slept or scheduled a date night every couple of weeks. Tame you time to make it more productive.

3. Give a Gift_ Not always on events.

Everyone loves gifts, in fact getting them. But do you know giving presents can be equally joyful, in fact, for some people it is more than receiving? Even a small one, like a Bookie of flower not always on the birthday, special events or Holi, Diwali, Eid or Christmas, can show appreciation and lot of consideration from the other side.

If you don’t have any idea to give a gift, this gift guide will help steer you in the right direction.

4. Be Humorous_ Laughable

We all have heard for thousands of years that laughter is the best medicine to heal any kind of ailment, and it is also great for your marriage as well. Watching a funny movie, Giving the opposite answer to yes/no questions, and making fun, but at a limit, if your partner is feeling insecure with your behavior and shows self-esteem dropping you should avoid it, spontaneously. Or going to a comedy show or watching the Kapil Sharma Show or any other comedy movie, you enjoy together, are the easiest ways to laugh and create an entertaining environment. The purpose is to make the mood fresh. But remember, don’t make jokes all day, in front of others, this will ruin your relationship.

5. Feel the touch

Wait! Don’t try to touch someone else, touch your partner, and make it a fun game. Obviously, sex is an important part of life, in marriage, this relation is as pure as you make it, feel it. Small moments between both partners are effective and very much crucial: hug, dance, hold hands and kiss when you get home from work. It will help you strengthen the bond by reducing all-day stress, anxiety, and any mental. In fact, holding a hand also has got huge benefits for hormonal growth.  These small activities have huge potential to build a strong foundation of intimacy and will help you keep your love alive and ever-growing.

A hug is extremely strong because it conveys sentiments of security, pleasure, and other positive emotions. It’s much more effective if you’re in a married relationship. Because oxytocin, a hormone and neurotransmitter, is released when you give or receive a hug. Many great researchers referred to hug as “the love hormone.” Many scientists and stress management specialists attribute increased amounts of oxytocin to pleasure and the decrease of stress and anxiety during and after the hug.

6. Flash Back living.

Watching marriage photo albums, revisit early date spots or close relatives and friends, or tells these stories to your children and grandchildren to make you feel better and reconnect and feel like-a-reborn. Remembering the most memorable activity, in the positive sense, can help see you through and bring you closer.

7. Open Your Ears-Be a good listener.

If you want to more concentration, then you have to be an active listener, because being a good listener is a part of solid communication. Whenever your partner tries to say something or even wants to express his/her emotions, you have to be more engaging and not try to be ignorant, in any situation. You have to make sure that you’ve got your partner’s intentions and understand their viewpoints before you can try to work our problem or conflict.

8.  Take Responsibility.

If you have committed a mistake, even by mistake, say; “I’m sorry.” There is no need to prove yourself that it was a mistake because it will drag you into the black hole argumentative discussion where no one wins, the winner also loses the battle. When your partner accepts his/her mistake and says sorry, say “I accept your apology, immediately.” So simple. Disney song “Let It Go.” is not a bad mantra to keep your love alive. Take responsibility, say sorry. And if you hear Sorry, Accept the apology.

9.  Be a Team

Together try to create something, anything you both like. Pull your full concentration to that project what you’ve decided to work on together. You might be thinking that you’ve tried that it was not worth it. Great! Working together, on the other hand, always produces tremendous results, and as a team, it will help you connect with one another as you work toward a common, well-defined objective. You can make a handcraft. Canvas painting is also a great option. Cook a new recipe together and enjoys its soothing smell, start a two-person book club, and enjoy your time together as a team. These are all simple but effective ways to remind you that you are made for each other and have to play as a team- every game and every battle.

10. Stay Active.

Sometimes all it takes to reignite the spark is stepping out of your comfort zone and working up a sweat. Don’t wait for any magic moment to come. Prepare yourself to love and express in front of your soul mate, your partner. You’ve to get active. Get started. Jump out of your comfort zone. It will change your life.

11. Be Grateful

Gratitude is an all-in-one kind of solution. Say thank you to your partner whenever you get out of bed in the morning, and at bedtime. Find out one reason each and every day to be grateful to your partner. I’m sure there are plenty of reasons to express gratitude and fall in love again and again. Be grateful that you’ve met someone with whom you can share your life, and strive to make your marriage the best it can be.

12. Visit new sites

By this, I don’t mean to say that you’ve to go to websites or take an international tour. My point is just to visit new sites for enjoyment and explore new things as a team. Help one another whatever you find out and understand on the trip. You can take a class together and then one another as you did in school, I’m sure, not with the same person, but maybe with your fortune. I am sure you’ve got the intention.

13.  Repeat, Rinse and Relive……

None of these suggestions are one-size-fits-all. There is no magic bullet for a happy marriage. Repeat, Repeat and Relive! It takes a lifetime to be committed to your goals of building your marriage and being a real partner. Go ahead and kiss your partner! As you deserve it, always.

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