WHY DO PEOPLE GET ANGRY? | what causes them to become angry?

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If I ask you what makes people angry, you’ll probably mention things that have to do with the outside world or state that external conditions and events play the most important part in people’s anger. External forces can sometimes exacerbate your rage. Have you ever questioned why you get angry? And WHY DO PEOPLE GET ANGRY?

However, external situations or events are not the actual cause of your anger; feelings of anger arise as a result of how we interpret and react to specific situations. We should always remember that we control our feelings and emotions; external situations control us when we allow our emotions and feelings to control us. As a result, always remember that you are the one who makes the final decision.

Even on the happiest days, you have the ability to be joyful in any scenario or to be furious or disappointed.

People become angry not because external forces or situations are unpleasant, but because they are negative; nowadays, even a minor nudge while traveling is enough to enrage someone. Why do people become angry so easily? Is it just because of external forces or conditions? No, it is us who are frustrated with our daily lives, it is us who wish for big things but are unwilling to put in the effort to achieve those big dreams, it is us who expect more and give less, it is us who fail to express our true emotions and feelings, it is us who feel threatened. The cause of anger is not simply an external force.

Because we are not pleased with what we have, because we are not willing to listen to others’ opinions, because we are not open, biased, and prejudiced, external forces contribute to our anger, and true angry feelings grow within us.

We never listen to comprehend, we listen to respond or dispute, we listen to show ourselves correct, so when someone doesn’t understand us, doesn’t listen to us, or doesn’t live up to our expectations, we get furious, upset, and sad.

People become angry not because of others, but because they let negativity to affect them. For example, people may encounter harsh phoney posts on social media that were produced and uploaded solely to provoke others. People perceive such messages and are impacted by them, so they begin to make assumptions and based on those preconceptions, they feel angry at certain things or situations.

Thus, it was you who allowed that message to influence you, it was you who shared and commented on that fake message without any source or proof, thus understand that we are capable of handling our lives, we are responsible for our feelings, emotions, and decisions, thus always choose peace and happiness for yourself, never allow any negative energy to influence you.

I’m not arguing that other people can’t be the source of your rage or that individuals can’t be angry by other people’s terrible behavior; certainly, other people’s dumb or bad behavior may be the source of your rage, but anger can only harm your health.

It only affects your body and mind, so don’t be angry; instead, confront what you didn’t like about them, what behavior irritated or frustrated you; this confrontation can be the best way to overcome such feelings; and if you get angry at strangers, remember that being angry on them will cost you, not them; they won’t even know why you’re angry; they don’t care; so why waste your energy and happy moments on someone who doesn’t care?


Let us examine it closely; why people become ANGRY and what causes them to become ANGRY.

1.  Failure

Failure and frustration are two major factors that contribute to anger. It occurs frequently, whereas success occurs just once in a lifetime, and only after many failures.

As I previously stated, most sudden success takes a long time; people recognize success but never realize the entire path, which includes numerous failures. As a result, never let failure affect you negatively; instead, let it serve as a stepping stone.

Allow failure to teach you valuable lessons in life and to be the most valuable experience that propels you ahead.

No one can recognize success without failure, therefore it is tied to fury.

2.  Betrayal

It’s a truth that not everyone in the world is sincere, trustworthy, loyal, or genuine. As a result, you may encounter people who are sly, who may appear to be great betrayals or liars, but being upset with them will have no effect on them. They don’t care about people or their feelings because they are like that.

As a result, the best form of retaliation for such betrayals is to forgive and go on with your life. Because your life will be fantastic and beautiful without such betrayals, keeping angry and holding on to that anger will only harm your health.

It just has an impact on your thinking. As a result, forgive them and go on with your life, because such betrayals don’t merit your valuable time; instead, learn from them and never do it again.

3.  Frustration causes anger

Because we live in a fast-paced society where people have little time for anything, even a minor inconvenience may quickly irritate people. Slow downloads, for example, irritate me. Living in a rapidly developing world is great, and remaining current is great, but losing one’s cool and patience is not.

Because patience pays off, and most overnight successes took a long time to achieve. As a result, if they had become frustrated about little issues, they would have never achieved success. Anger and fury never lead to achievement; patience and a calm mindset do.

4.  Hurt

People become angry when they are wounded, and people are upset when their expectations aren’t met, when someone doesn’t listen to them, or when their wants or goals aren’t met.

As I previously stated, do not become angry over issues that require your attention or a solution. It’s fine if you don’t obtain the desired result right away, but it’s not okay to become angry and give up. Anger is a common emotion.

However, being upset and using that anger as an excuse for not reaching your goals is not a good idea. As a result, never become angry in situations that need constancy and perseverance, and constantly remember that no one in the world is flawless. People don’t always understand your expectations. As a result, don’t assume they don’t care; instead, tell them what you anticipate.

If they care about you, they will ensure your happiness in the future. We are the ones who anticipate, assume, and extend situations.

5.  Not having enough money

Another major source of disappointment for people is a lack of money, which causes them to become angry. Having or not having money is entirely dependent on others. Because you will be the one to work and make money for yourself.

It is up to you to decide how much to spend and how much to save. It is your fault if you spend more than you earn. If you buy things that aren’t required are definitely gonna hurt you.

If you want to get the latest phones on EMI, here is the place to go. Then it’s your responsibility never to appreciate money. It is your fault if you made poor decisions or made poor choices.

As a result, start making the right decisions to prevent disappointments.

Start making the best decisions you can. Begin spending money on necessities. Stop spending more than you earn; if you make good decisions, you will not be angry by a lack of funds.

Final Thoughts!

Anger is destructive. Not only for your mental or physical health but for both.

These are some of the reasons why people become angry; please share any other causes that I may have overlooked and missed to mention.


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